Meowing from Within

Animal print is a language of spots and stripes- a code of confidence. They say leopard is a neutral; yet, wearing it is a subtle expression of dominance. To us, wearing animal prints lets the world know you don't hold back. 

As summer shifts to fall we see these prints as a bridge between seasons. A leopard jumpsuit keeps you cool and camouflaged. When nighttime breezes sneak up, a silk tiger striped trench adds a fresh layer to your evening. A leopard turtleneck and high waisted neutral pants create subliminal weekday sexiness. When the temperature drops, a fuzzy robe coat adds a much-needed dose of Joie de Vivre. 

As we enter pre-fall our collection of animal prints is here to feed your inner glamour puss.

Fun fact: We are huge Horror film fans. When the idea for a scary movie themed photo shoot started percolating in our minds we knew just the partner in crime -- friend and fellow Horror film devotee, Daphne Gardner, co-host of the Ladies Horror Night podcast.  

So what would a Chess & the Sphinx x Daphne slasher look like? In a genre where women are so often portrayed one dimensionally as the victim, we wanted to create a story where women were the exclusive subject - both the deviant antihero and the martyr. Visually inspired by Jawbreaker, we envisioned a tongue-in-cheek femme fatale of the Y2K era as our villain and protagonist. A picture began to solidify of Patrick Bateman as a teen girl -- a psychopath with a taste for butterfly clips and an ear for Destiny's Child. A suburban Prom-Queen-contender with a fashion sense as candy-colored and girly as her heart is craven and cruel. 

And now, without further ado, Chess & the Sphinx presents....


Summer Slaycation


Lingerie All Day


Our babydoll lingerie is here for the joy found in a bit of provocation. It accentuates the nude while adding a coy romance. Sheer bright colors and ruffles express a flirtatious persona. Sensuality and subversion combine in translucent shades that enhance our natural state. 

Shop the self love.


The Chess & the Sphinx Workout Tape

Because what else are you going to wear with those ugly/beautiful Balenciaga sneakers?

Let's shop physical!